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According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the Dheisheh Refugee camp is the 6th biggest in the West Bank with about 13,000 inhabitants. The camp was created outside of Bethlehem in 1949 to accommodate 3,400 Palestinians from 45 villages west of Jerusalem and Hebron who fled during the 1948 War.

Like another refugee camp I once visited in Tyre, Lebanon, the Dheisheh camp is very neat and tidy. Yet its streets are narrow. Accommodation is compact and tight. Apparently, 15% of houses are not connected to the central sewage.

Graffiti is everywhere in the camp. Probably, it is the highest graffiti density that I have ever seen on my travels in the Middle East thus far.

All pictures in this post are mine. Therefore, I apologise for the quality.

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Here are a few selected pictures from my travels in Israel and the West Bank.

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I recommend that you skip these graffiti if you are easily disturbed.


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These pictures appear on the West Bank Barrier, a controversial wall separating Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Palestinian liberation struggle and its heroes, Palestinian nationalism and the desire for peace are common themes all way along the Barrier.


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