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On this historic day, I would like to thank Jim Obergefell, Eddie Windsor, and thousands of LGBT couples and individuals who, for decades, have been speaking up. They went to court, to legislature, to the media, in every single one of the fifty states, and spoke of their lives, aspirations, and injustice committed against them. They have been repeating two basic things: that they loved someone and that they were a family. What they faced was a tremendous amount of hatred. When they spoke in small court rooms somewhere in America about their life-long commitment, their opponents called them vile names, said they harmed children, went against nature, and did not deserve to be visible or have the same rights. This happened over and over and over, and much more often than not (certainly until 2013) they lost. Nationwide marriage equality came through the pain that these brave people endured, so that we, today, could celebrate. My family, our society, this country are forever indebted to those who spoke up.


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